Cheek Bone Filler

For the younger generation who do not feel they suffer from volume loss, but want to add filler to the cheeks to give the appearance of a high sculpted cheekbone. Dermal filler is used to build along the cheekbones to create a sharper more contoured look. This can be done with a subtle, natural appearance or a chiselled sculpted appearance depending on type of filler and amount added.

Needles are used along the cheek bones to add dermal filler and sculpt the face, results can typically last up to 12-18months*

You may book a face-to-face consultation or send Dr Bonny a photo of your face in order to be assessed for the treatment- please provide a front and side profile picture with no makeup.

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Cheek Bone Filler FAQ’S

What is hyaluronic acid?

It’s a product that is naturally produced in our bodies, it is essential for skin hydration, elasticity and volume. It helps the skin receive essential nutrients from our bloodstream.

It is used in a dermal filler as a gel syringe which can be injected into the skin to support, volumise and reshape the skin. It also attracts water and helps bring water to the surface of the skin thus keeping the skin looking fresh, plump and hydrated.

How long does it last?

Dermal filler duration varies from person to person and varies according to type of filler used and where. Depending on procedure, filler can last up to 12-18months*. Patients can decide themselves when to add more or top-up with the advise from Dr Bonny.

Factors to consider which may reduce duration of filler include, genetics, metabolism, sun exposure, alcohol, smoking, exercise etc.

Recovery and aftercare?

There is minimal down-time or recovery time for dermal filler and you can return to your normal routine immediately with a few limitations to consider in the aftercare for appropriate healing.

The dermal filler is a gel and can be moulded once injected into the skin, we therefore advise those who have had a procedure not to lie directly onto the area overnight and try to sleep onto the back for the first 24hours. Individual advice and aftercare will discussed on the day with Dr Bonny as this list is not exhaustive.

– Avoid “active” skincare for 3 days including retinols, vitamin C, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Beta Hydroxy Acid

– Avoid makeup for 12hours

– Avoid rubbing or scrubbing the face for 24hours

– Avoid direct sunlight, sunbathing and sunbeds for 24hours.

– Avoid swimming for 24hours

– Avoid strenuous exercise for 24hours

– Avoid excessive alcohol for 24hours

– Remain upright for 3hours after treatment

Side Effects?

As with many procedures and medicine, side effects can occur in some patients. Majority of people will experience NO side effects however these must always be discussed and considered.

Side effects include bruising, bleeding, swelling, pain, redness, burning or stinging around injection sites. Other side effects which are all discussed on the day with Dr Bonny and ways to manage or prevent them include lumps, asymmetry, infection, necrosis, embolism, blindness, allergy, anaphylaxis.