Dates & Locations

Belfast Clinic Every Wednesday & Friday

Enniskillen with Amy Tierny Salon

21st Sept [Holly], Oct 24th, Nov 28th, Dec 19th

Newry with Fiona Murphy

Sept 26th, Dec 12th

Newry with COR Cosmetics

Sept 24th, Oct 22nd, Nov 19th, Dec 16th

Derry with Revolver Salon

Sept 17th, Oct 29th, Dec 17th

Omagh with Casabella Beauty

Oct 10th, Nov 21st

Armagh with Glo Salon

Sept 19th, 5th Oct [Holly], Oct 17th, Nov 12th, Dec 10th

Dundalk with KLM Beauty

August 29th, Sept 21st, Oct 31st, Nov 30th, Dec 14th

Coleraine with MaddyBenny

Dec 5th

Saturday Clinics with Holly

1ML = £190 offer clinics [Lips, Chin, Cheeks, Jawline]

Banbridge with The Tanning Lounge

Saturday 14th Sept

Downpatrick with PrettyPlease Salon

Saturday 12th October

Armagh with Glo Salon

Saturday 5th October

Enniskillen with Amy Tierny Salon

Saturday 21st Sept